Will not start the first time


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Will not start the first time

I have a 21' '98 Reinell ski boat and this is only my second year owning a boat. We just recently had the starter replaced and it was working great for a few trips. Now it will not turn over at all the first attempt but will eventually. The battery seems fine as everything will work but the engine. Even when it is running it will cut off. Does anyone have an idea what this could be?
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If it just clicks now when you try to start it look at the starter solenoid.

If it actually shuts off when it's running and doesn't make any sound when turning the key use a test light and check for power on the red wire going into the key switch. When the key is in the run position there should be power on the purple and when the key is turned to the start position there should be power on the yellow with red tracer.

The emergency stop switch could also be the problem I'm not positive what color those wires are.

Another thing to look at is the main harness going from the boat to the motor. I think it should be a round 12 pin connector, it might have a hose clamp around it. Unplug it and plug it back in and twist it once it's plugged in and put a hose clamp arround it if it doesn't have one.

Oh ya welcome to the forum.Beer 4U2
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Thanks you Samuari, I appreciate your input, hopefully that will work. Beer 4U2
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We need more info

Outboard? I/O? Make and model. What do yo do to get it started? After its turning over does it start right up? Let us know what works.

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