Your thoughts on battery tenders and on board charges for the boat


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Your thoughts on battery tenders and on board charges for the boat

Do battery tenders really extend your deep cycle and starting battery's life? Should I leave them plugged in all winter?

Onboard chargers, do you think its worth buying one of these and plugging in your boat thr night before?

Do you charge your starting battery before an outing, or does your outboard do good enough job of keeping it charged?
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The way I understand deep cycle batteries is that there are a certain amount of charge-discharge cycles that they can handle so a battery tender would not be my choice for them. Just charge them up and remove any loads from them and charge them once a month at most.

A on board charger is a good idea in that it makes it easy to charge the batts and you always have it if needed. That and most are designed for deep cycle batts.

Your charging system on your mercury is smaller than the new motors, yours is a 16 amp at most and could be a 9 amp where the now ones are 90. If you are at idle speed with a graph and a radio playing your charging system will not keep up and will slowly discharge the battery. I have a 16 amp system with 2 fuel pumps and the trim pump I always charge the batt the night before.

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