engine/motor trouble


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engine/motor trouble

I have just purchesed a pre-owned boat. When I first start it an alarm goes off and continues until I increase rpm's. It stops once the engine is warm. If I stop engine and restart it will go off again, this time it will not stop. Engine is 150 hp Johnson with oil injection. Oil level is more than 1/2 full. There is no venting, so no alarm there. Gas tanks are built in , but there is more than enough fuel.
Doe anyone have any ideas or suggetstion. I would greatly appreciate the help.
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Is it the overheating alarm? I had one do the same thing on a Force engine. The alarm sending unit was defective.
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Depending on the year, a constant (not beeping) alarm could also mean a restriction in the fuel line. When was the last time the fuel filters were changed?
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Boat has been in storage for a couple of years. The filters had supposedly have been changed, but I will change these to make sure. Thanks for the advice.
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Like Rick said it depends on the year but the alarm system includes overheat, oil flow, oil level and fuel restriction. What you can do is unplug the temp sender on the head as it's alarming and see if it stops, do the same with the 2 wires coming off the oil tank, and the vro pump.

You should verify what is causing this as it could be a problem that will cause the motor to burn down.

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