If you were buying a new fishfinder, what would you buy?


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If you were buying a new fishfinder, what would you buy?

I already have an Eagle Fisheasy 240 fish finder from my other boat, it's just basic. Depth, temp, and a decent size display. My concern is when I FINALLY get this boat in the water, I'm probably going to want GPS. If for no other reason, to find my way back to the truck...LOL

Any recommendations? I'm not looking for these $1200 Cabella models, but I do want something functional. I guess these would have GPS tracking so that I could follow the directions back right? Sure they make those $80 four point hiking versions that I could use and just concentrate on something more functional I guess.
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If you can find a used lowrance 520 I don't think you can beet them for the money. I'm not a big fan of the gps layout of the humminbird but it's personal preference. I have a hand held unit (lowrance h2oc) that I use for a speedo in my race boats and have found a lot of other uses for it.
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I like Lowrance too. I have a color 10 inch and it was $2500 but on my last boat I had the smaller one and it was $6oo. They are easy to read and navigate. The last one I had was known for problems with the power going out , but they replaced mine free and several other people I know. That was 6 years ago so they probably worked those issues out. Can you just but an antenae to hook up to your existing unit? Some are GPS ready with the antenae, that might be the cheapest.
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My existing unit has no GPS, its just a basic fishfinder. It does temp, depth, and I just added speed. My concern is getting out on a lake that I'm not familliar with and finding my way back. I have been out on places like Dale Hollow Lake in TN and had no idea where I was, 350 miles of shoreline all looks the same after a few days... LOL.

I looked into the suggested 520 and it actually looks like a nice unit, I see them on Ebay reasonable. Lots to think about, I need a trolling motor too... the old transom mount from the little boat won't do.
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H20c is seconded. I've owned one for five years. It's a handheld but you can buy a mount and power cable for it. I've also used it in the car and hiking. We drift fish a lot in Lake Erie, and when we get a hit I mark the spot. The display draws the drift line, so it's easy to repeat the path. Mark the launch as a waypoint before you leave and it will take you back within a few yards. Plan on spending an extra $100 for a decent map card, and don't bother with their MapCreate software. It's pretty much useless.

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