Achilles Inflatables


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Achilles Inflatables

I have never had an inflatable. I did ride with a guy in a Zodiac years ago and it was prety nice as near as I could tell.
Is anyone familiar with the Achilles brand?
A local guy has an SE 120 model that he wants to sell pretty cheap.
How long do these things last, I assume they can be repaired OK, and can one be handled by one person on and off the top of a van?
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I have no experience with inflatables but they sure look like fun.
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I can tell you this, a cheap one is miserable to own. Been there and done that.
A good one will last for years but they are very expensive.
I have just decided that it's too much trouble to lift as they are as heavy as an aluminum boat the same size and inflate all the time.
I am just going to buy an aluminum boat and be done with it.
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I'm sorry I didn't see this thread sooner, but glad you decided against the inflatable. Small inflatables are great as tenders for large cruisers. My brother has an 8-footer with a 10 hp motor on it and it's a blast! But their bulk makes them difficult to deal with as cartops. Because of that bulk, they tend to get damaged.

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