XR2 Black Max fowls plugs


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Red face XR2 Black Max fowls plugs

Our boat is a 1999 18 ft Triton 180 Premier.
Our motor is an XR2 Black Max 150 HP.
The Serial # is B176785

Our motor fowls the plugs and then it's of course hard to start and does not run really well for quite a long time of full throttle. The motor does clean the plugs or heat up enough to run well after a long time at full throttle. We can also take the plugs out and clean them with spray on carburetor cleaner which makes it run like crazy.

What is happening is that we have to idle the motor a lot because the lakes around here are no wake or 5 mph for the most part and so we are not able to send it flying like it needs to be.

We disconnected the oil pump and run without the pump mixing the gas/oil ration ourselves. We do this with a critical eye at a 50:1 ratio which is what we understand it should be run at. The motor being a 1985 we don't want to be running it when the oil pump goes out and can't afford a new one. We don't trust a new one either so we prefer to mix the oil and gas. Oh yeah! we fill it with regular gas (no alcohol).

The obvious question is what can we do to fix this? Since we would do the work ourselves we also need any tips to do the work that anyone thinks may be helpful. We will buy the OEM book.


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It's actually oil that fills the hole maybe a bit of carbon but it's mostly liquid. So, it's not carboning the plugs it's just filling the hole with oil. Sorry about the description ...

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You need to read the plugs. Then you can find a corrective action.

How To Read Your Spark Plug in a Two Stroke Engine

And pics

Principles of 2-Stroke Jetting & Reading Spark Plugs

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The first step should be a compression test on the motor to make sure the rings and cyl. walls are in good shape. Once that is confirmed to be good "about 125psi with a good battery" I would do a sync and link adjustment. What that will do is set your throttle plates, throttle linkages, and timing. That is a basic tune up and a good starting point.

Once that is done and if it still acts up there are a couple things to try.
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kind of an old thread but I'll chime in if your still stumped. Check and make sure the engine has thermostats, and or that they are functioning. I used to run mine without stats. it would make sense that the plugs clean up after a high rpm run cause the engine is hot. if your idling at just a couple hundred rpm's through cold lake water that motor probably isnt even at 100 degrees if the stats are missing or stuck open. Cheap fix and easy to check.

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