what shaft length is your trolling motor, 16' deep V


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what shaft length is your trolling motor, 16' deep V

Since I just got this boat and spent last summer rebuilding it, never having it in the water, I can't figure out what length bow mounted trolling motor shaft I need.

I had read to measure from the deck where it would be mounted, to the water level, and add 20". There are some old marks on the hull that may or may not be the water level, the boat hasn't seen water in 12 years. Depending on how I measure the line, it could be in the range of 28"-32".. add 20" and that gives me about a 50" shaft.

Next question.... obviously if I but a shaft that is too short, the trolling motor won't be deep enough in the water. What if I buy one that is too long? Will the extra length cause the control head to be too high off of the deck and therefore make the foot control too hard to deal with? CAn I just go big and adjust the shaft by sliding it upwards?

What length of a motor do you have on your boat?

BTW, 16' deep V Sylvan Sea Master
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A shaft length in the 50's should be fine for your boat. Some of the real long ones can't be adjusted far enough so the drive unit will be too far under the boat and could contact the bottom in shallow water.

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