Fuel system cleaner, what do you use?


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Fuel system cleaner, what do you use?

Just got my motor back today. mechanic asked if the motor had been sitting for a while.... LOL.... yeh, 13 years!

He said that it sounds like my carbs need some cleaner run thru them. In his opinion, they will be fine once some cleaner is run thru. He also said that it needs run...LOL... ya think?

What do you add to clean your carbs?
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Adding cleaner through the gas line only cleans part of it. The best way is to take them off, take them apart, and soak 'em in a bucket of carb cleaner. I used a can (not aerosol) of Gumout the last time I did it.

We used to clean fuel systems by adding a can of 104 octane boost to the tank. Get ready, though. It loosens everything and will clog the filter several times before it's gone. It does a nice job on the jets, though. Just don't run it wide open with that stuff in the tank.
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I used sea foam when all the cars where carbed. Any auto parts store should have it.

Sea Foam | Home

Mike NJ

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