How often do you pump grease in your bearing buddies?


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How often do you pump grease in your bearing buddies?

Just curious if its every time, once in a while, once a year, or before every long trip? I can see that the spring goes down and I can put about 15-20 pumps of grease in it every once in a while.
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We did our boat at the beginning of the year...I would say its a good thing to check in the fall and spring tho.
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Do you disassemble your hubs every year, or just pump them up every year? I had my hubs apart at the end of last year so I know they are good now. I notice that my red grease looks pinkish after being in the water, I guess to be expected. I hope that is only the grease squeezing out of the outside of the bearing buddy.
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The pink grease is because the grease is breaking down by the introduction of water.
How often you put grease in depends on how often you use the trailer. The pink color indicates they are not super sealed. Some of the newer Buddy systems have a rubber ring on the outside that swells out when the grease is installed and is used as a gauge to see if it needs new grease. When you notice the swelling is gone it is time to add more grease. I would recommend pulling the bearing and checking for wear and hand packing them before the start of the new season every year.
Also if you do a lot of traveling with the trailer I would add grease every 600 mile or so. Depending on how much it takes for the oozing out grease to appear when adding can be used to determine how often you need to add grease. Certainly lots of driving will cause more heat that breaks down the grease.
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I had them on a single axle trailer with a 2800 pound boat for 20 years and repacked once. I filled them until the grease started to ooze and gave them a quick squirt before long every long trip (four or five times a season = 100 miles one way). It only takes a few seconds to pop off the top and pump an ounce. I used Quicksilver 2-4-C lubricant. It emulsifies water, so even if water gets in there it will still have some lubrication.

Also, I stopped after a few miles on the Interstate and once an hour to feel the hubs for excessive heat.

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