Mercruiser 4.3L 190HP inboard 2007 bogs down on acceleration


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Mercruiser 4.3L 190HP inboard 2007 bogs down on acceleration

This 2007 mercruiser idles fine. When I give throttle whether in neutral or trans engaged it will almost immediately die. I can pump the throttle handle back and forth and keep it revved high but as soon as I stop it will immediately die. Motor has less than 250 hours on it. The idle sounds fine. Don't think it is fuel filter or pump at this point. Thanks for the help!
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Welcome to the forums. At 250 hours it's time for a complete tune up.

But your problem seems to point to the fuel system & carb. That's a symptom of water in the gas. If the engine has a water separator, replace it but dump the contents of the old one into a glass jar and let it settle. The water will sink to the bottom. If there's a water in the tank don't run it until you've drained the tank and replaced the gas with fresh. All you'll be doing is replacing water separators. They are not reusable.

If that's not the problem, pull the carb, take it completely apart, and soak it overnight it in Gumout. Buy the rebuild kit and a new fuel filter. A Mercury Service Manual will cost you some money, but it will pay for itself with just this project versus taking it to a mechanic. (The 3rd-party manuals are okay for general repairs, but the Mercury manuals are very specific.)

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