how do you store/maintain your batteries over the off-season?


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how do you store/maintain your batteries over the off-season?

I hate to even think that the season is coming to a close, but obviously I will pull my batteries when it does. One being a starting battery and the other being a deep cycle, what do you use to store them over the winter. I have a Sears battery charger with a deep cycle mode that I use during the season, but once that is over and they're out of the boat, what are you using to maintain them over the winter?

You see JC Whitney and Harbor Freight with cheepie trickle chargers and I see expensive chargers. What should I stay clear of and what should I look for in a float or trickle charger and can I do both batteries on one?
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Battery Tender and Schumacher are two good ones. They come in various price ranges. I personally use the Schumacher model which runs about $ 26 at Sears and Walmart to keep my motorcycle and lawn tractor batteries up over the winter.
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I run a charger on them about twelve hours a week. Plug it in when I take out the garbage; unplug it when I retrieve the garbage can. It's a marine three-way that I got from a marina. They had pulled it out of some guy's boat and sold him a new one. They were going to throw it out because one of the outputs doesn't work. The other two are fine, though.

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