2001 Mercury 150 hp mode 1150462YD


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2001 Mercury 150 hp mode 1150462YD

Good afternoon. On my way in from fishing, my engine started to struggle, like it was not getting gas, and then it stalled. When I tried to start it again I just heard a loud click. I took the boat home and checked all of the main issues, fuses, gas, oil in the reservoir, and so on. I took off the top cowl and noticed the engine oil [completely empty. The hand pump was soft so I gave it a few good squeezes. The oil would not flow into the compartment. When I turn the key, the starter engages the motor but nothing more than a loud click.

Any suggestions???????????/

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Pull all of the plugs (to defeat compresssion) and see if the starter turns it over. If not, see if you can turn the flywheel manually. You may have a frozen engine due to lack of oil.

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