winterizing I/O motor


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winterizing I/O motor


I have a 2010 Tahoe 195 deckboat with a Mercruiser I/O motor. I am about to store it for the winter, however have some questions about recommended winter maintanence.

What else should I perform besides: drain water from main engine block, and use Sta-bil for the gas tank?

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Several things come to mind: drain exhaust manifolds and risers, drain power steering cooler (if equipped), drain block mounted water pump and hoses, drain oil in outdrive and refill, change engine oil and filter, run engine long enough to get stabilized gas into carb, fog engine with spray fogging oil, make sure battery (s) charged and disconnect for storage. Outdrive should be removed at some point to check alignment and grease splines and U-joints. Good luck- Steve

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