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O.K. I have a 24' Pantera(powerboat). Last summer I installed a custom built EFI-454. The engine is grey painted with all the upper(intake manifold/ valve covers/ exhaust) being polished aluminum. After using the boat in the ocean on numerous times and trying to keep WD40 on it the engine is still getting salt deposits. Mothers and the like don't remove. Can I hand wet sand the aluminum? Or do I need to somehow power buff it? Which I don't want to do because of all the time and hastle of removing the custom intake/ lines/ computer stuff. Next is the whitening of the hull. After buying the boat(used) I noticed the red hull turning light or pinkish. I used 1500 and wet sanded. Then buffed with very fine buffing compound. Washed and waxed. It lasted about a month or two and is starting to come back. Question-can I use a harsher grit ie. 500 or so? How much gel coat is there? What else is there to use? How can I keep it from happening? What about some kind of gloss protectant? Something to keep the wax on. And last but not least anyone have a Bravo-One out drive. Last time out I was in rough seas(6'-8'swells) and snapped an engine mount. The engine fell about 4"-6". In the process it tore-up the Club-foot drive(tranny). Which in turn made the TRS SS outdrive useless. The tranny can't be fixed-parts don't exist any longer. Priced the outdrive used is about $2-4K including the transom bracket. So I'm looking. Thanks
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Well lets see...Yes you will have to re polish the aluminum.
And stop putting wd on everything. Try mercury or yamahas
storage seal stuff. Works superb.
Red is a tough one to keep nice. Especially in gel coat.
I have not had one get better for long. Tape it off and paint it with LP or IMRON. Youll be happy you did.
The Merctrans is repairable and i have a buddy with some parts.
Where are you East > West?
Is you drive ok? transom plate? did the u joints come apart?
You can always install a borg warner transmission but if you want to upgrade i can help you find a good used package.

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