Marine Refrigerator - Norcold NE-351D - Need Help


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Marine Refrigerator - Norcold NE-351D - Need Help

Hi all,
I have a 1997 Maxum 2800 SCR that is kept in the water year round on the Chesapeake Bay. At the end of last season as part of my winterizing I turned off the AC and DC power to the Frig, propped the door open, placed a towel in there and let it defrost. It was then left turned off until until 4/16/12 for a total of 6 months. When I returned to open the boat up the Frige will not get cold. When I turn the power on all I hear is a HUM and a strange clicking sound that lasts for maybe a minute and then stops. I tried leaving it turned on for the 8 hours the manufacturer recommends to get cold, but nothing. With the power "on", every so often the HUM and clicking sound happens and then goes away again. Sort of like it's trying to work but then stops. I have tried calling my local Norcold Service companies and they are all busy for several weeks, or they just dont want bothers with a small frig job. I really don't want to shell out $650 for a new replacement if there is something I can do myself.

Any help would be awesome.
Norcold M# DE-351D
Service Code# QL-01
AC 120V 0.4A
DC 12V 3.5A
Refrigerant HFC-134a -- 1.6oz
Design Pressure
High 235 psi
Low 135 psi

That is all the info I could find on the inside plate. Thanks again!

Charles Spangler
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Hi Charles,I have the same problem did you find out what was wrong with it?
Thanks, John
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I think Captain Charles went out to sea. He hasn't been back since he posted his problem.

Do you have the SAME exact make and model number as the original poster ?

If not....start a new thread. If so....let me know....and we'll be good to go
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I also suspect Captain Charles is lost at sea.... Hopefully you John have not left port yet.

Several possibilities come to mind.
Compressor failure.
Either A/C and/or D/C possible solenoid and/or switch failure.

Assumptions. (???) Unknown details.
28 foot??? Are you sure refrigerator not also propane? Possible... for that size boat might likely be.

Spark ignition, if refrigerator is electric & propane type, has an ignition sparker, which may be to weak a spark to ignite the fuel. Sparkers wear out. Need an OEM part replacement from time to time. When on propane a solenoid needs to remain open. May become hot and drop out. (Shut Down)

When on electric there is an electric heater if unit is both A/C D/C and propane. Does not apply to refrigerators that are only and totally electric. Usually found on larger boats with full time running generators.

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