Boat alarm sounds when I slow down quickly


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Boat alarm sounds when I slow down quickly

I have a 2003 Regal 2665 Commador with a Volvo engine (inboard/outboard) and when I slow down quickly the engine alarm sounds and it sometimes dies. It start again with no issues and runs great. Why would this be happening? Oil levels fine, voltage fine...Argh!
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Too little gas in gas tank?

Sticking float in carb?
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Welcome to the forums. The alarm will sound with low oil pressure or high engine temperature. When you're running hard the oil will thin out and the cooling system will be taxed. Throttling back quickly reduces the oil pressure. It also causes excessive heat to remain in the engine because the water isn't moving as quickly through the system. Both oil pressure and temperature recover quickly as the engine cools.

The fact that it sometimes stalls may mean that it's time for a tune-up, but it's also possible that the heat buildup is so severe that it's causing friction in the cylinders.

Make sure the oil level is full. If it's equipped with a cooling system heat exchanger, make sure the antifreeze is full. Have the water pump checked. (Impellers should be replaced every two to three years.)

Also consider that although a boat engine is designed to take major abuse, running at wide open throttle all the time will shorten its life. It also significantly increases fuel consumption disproportionate to the increase in speed.

The best thing you can do for both engine life and fuel efficiency is run at "cruising speed" -- the slowest speed at which the boat remains on plane. In your boat it's probably around 3,000 rpm and 25 to 30 mph. Open it up and have fun, but only for a few minutes at a time.

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