Seadoo motor starts fine and runs great at first.


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Seadoo motor starts fine and runs great at first.

If you don't slow down it;s fine.Once you slow down, it loses thrust and motor wont rev much past idle. Anyone else ever have this problem? It won't respond to throttle. Is it fuel or ignition prob? Only use high octane leaded av gas, when it is "on" runs great, once you lose plane it's all over.Thanks for any help you can provide.
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I am a big novice with PWC's but I did have one at one time (Seadoo) I would suspect that the motor is getting too much fuel at lower RPMs. When you come down to idle, and the engine stops, pull the spark plugs and see if they are wet. If they are, the engine is flooding.

This is assuming that it is a 2 stroke motor. (I think there are 4 stroke PWS but I am not sure )
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Welcome to the forum.
Can you provide a bit more information regarding the make, model and year of your seadoo?
Also, how many hours on this motor? I'm assuming it would have an hour counter?
Has it been used regularly or sat for an extended period of time just prior to the problem starting?

I believe the newer models are now 4-stroke and some even come supercharged.
The issue can be different if it's a 2-stroke, 4-stroke, forced induction or naturally asperated.

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