No power to boat


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No power to boat

I have a 2001 stingray boat. I have 2 batteries with a switch to 1, 2, all and off. Last weekend we went to take the boat out. found out the batteries were dead. That was our fault we left the switch on and didn't turn the battery switch to off and of course the battery switch was on all. we charged both batteries. Showing 13v. problem we hooked up hose in driveway to crank since we charged batteries and nothing. Nothing will work. still have full charge in both batteries. What should we check for? We are lost and don't know where to began.
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Mercruiser? There is a main circuit breaker on the front of the engine that may have popped. It's a large red button.

All the usual suspects should be checked: Bolts tight on the back of the switch? Battery terminals tight? Connection tight where the negative and positive wires connect to the engine? No corrosion anywhere? Water levels in the batteries OK?

If there is no power to accessories or lights ... is there a main breaker or fuse in a panel somewhere? Ignition and other fuses in the console?

The other issue is: Why did the batteries drain in the first place? You should be able to leave the switch on for weeks without draining the batteries. Maybe one of the batteries is bad and taking the other down because the switch is set to all?

BTW, it's a bad idea to leave the switch set to all. One should be a starting battery and the other a house battery. Use the starting battery to start the engine. Run it for awhile to charge it, then switch over to charge the house battery. Run the stereo and other stuff all day on the house battery. When you're ready to come back, you'll always have a charged starting battery and won't be stranded. NEVER switch the switch to OFF while the engine is running. You could damage the charging circuit.

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