downrigger problems


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downrigger problems

im jim I have two cannon magnum 10a I got them out and tested them for some reason the motor will spin in the down position but when I put the switch in the up position they wont do anything now I have them hooked up to a battery and when I switch the wires the motor will spin the other way with the switch in the down position still the up wont work
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Sounds like you have a faulty switch. I suggest taking it apart and see if there is some contacts to clean.

The motor sounds fine as it went the other direction when you reversed the wires on the battery.
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thanks that's the direction I was goin now do I have to buy the switch made for them cause they r alittle pricey on ebay
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Make sure the switch is wired correctly. The top & bottom sets of terminals should be wired in an X-pattern with the power connected to the center and motor leads coming off either the top or bottom.

For example, if contacts were numbered:
1 2
3 4
5 6

A reversing switch could have:
1= to switch terminal 6
2= to switch terminal 5
3= +12VDC
4= 0 volts DC
5= Motor Positive
6= Motor Negative
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i looked around and it seems I cant find the switch that has the x-pattern so I guess ill buy the ones off ebay that is for the downrigger thanks for the help if u no of a place to find one please let me no

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