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I have built a 12' rowboat in my basement (yes it will fit out the door). I am trying to figure out how to locate the center seat and oarlocks, to get the proper balance. Is there any method or formula that I can use, other than waiting for summer and doing it by feel. The boat is about 3' at the stern and 4' at the widest point.
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Sit in the boat, in the seat you are going to row from. Back straight, and arms extended. Now, have someone mark where your fingers meet your hands, and where your shoulders are. Half way in between is about right for mounting the oar locks.

You may lean forward when you dip the oars, and lean back when you lift them, but the mid-point is going to be somewhere between your shoulders and you knuckles, which is where the oar locks should be.
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oarlocks(seat position)

Thanks for the reply Rick. I will do it that way when I get to that point. I guess I skipped over the part where it said to give all the info needed, but before I can locate the oarlocks I have to locate the seat in the boat for balance, so that when rowing the bow isn't up too high or too low. I think that should have been the question I asked first, and still need an answer to. Hopefully you can help on that question too. Thanks again.
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I guess I would start by finding the center of gravity (cog) of the boat. The easiest way to determine this is probably to balance it on one saw horse, and move it forward or backwards until you can balance it with one finger.

I would probably locate the center of the seat about 6" towards the stern, from the cog. This will place your weight behind the cog and assure bow lift. Other considerations need to be, what else you might have in the boat with you (people, gear, coolers, etc.), and where they might be located. With most gear, you can move it around to help raise or lower the bow, as needed. That is not quite as easy with people, and is dependent on where you put the other seat(s).

Don't know if this helped or not, just some thoughts as to how I might approach it. Others may have better ideas.
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seat location

I'll give it a try. Thanks again. Mike

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