Battery bad?


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Battery bad?

If my deep cycle battery reads 12 1/2 volts but barely cranks the my outboard is it shot? I put this in this forum fir a quicker response.
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What does the voltage drop to when cranking? Anything under 10V indicates battery is not performing as it should. Could just need charging, or it might be used up.

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Take it to an autoparts store to have it tested, they should be able to tell you what amperage it's outputting. If it's low compared to what it's rated for, time for a new battery.
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It's not the voltage. It's the ampere hour measurement of battery condition and power.

If the battery is more then 5 years old, regardless of it's condition, time to replace it. Beats being stuck on the water unable to start engine.

If the electrical system from battery to engine is okay and the engines starter itself is in good condition, very likely it's the battery. Newer then 5 years old? May simply be undercharged.

IMO. Best to due as advised above. Remove it. Take it to any local auto parts store had have it tested. An amp hour discharge load test will reveal that battery condition. Any doubts. Replace it.

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