Re-loading a grease gun cartridge


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Re-loading a grease gun cartridge

I hate this task. It takes several year to consume a cartridge, so I am always at unit #1 on the learning curve. I cannot get the piston rod back into the barrel because the spring will not compress in a straight line around the piston rod. It spirals, effectively increasing its diameter. My 70 yr old hands are not strong enough to muscle this back together. Am I missing anything simple?
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I was trying to re-assemble in the wrong order. I needed to install the piston end first onto the barrel. That solved the kinking spring problem. The youtube I watched went fine, installing the piston end first, but not my gun.
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Glad you got your grease gun reloaded. That can be a challenge in itself.
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Hey, good for you! I'm about a decade behind you, and have used a grease gun for about 50 years, but still have to re-educate myself every time I change tubes. Was going to offer some suggestions earlier, but unable to log in for some reason. One thing that I do though is clamp the tube in a vise, have to be careful not to over tighten it, and that helps. Being close enough in age, and of the waste not mindset, I keep a tub of grease on the bench, old butter tub, that I scrape out what remains in the tube with a stick and store it in, so I always have grease for things like wheel bearing, etc.

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