Used 2000 Ranger 522 Comanche Bass Boat question


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Used 2000 Ranger 522 Comanche Bass Boat question

We are looking at buying a used 2000 Ranger 522 Comanche with a Mercury 225 outboard. This would be a lot of money for us, so I wanted to ask if any one knew about this year model and if there are specific questions to ask.

The motor has 420 hours. The motor is a different year. I think 2002.

I am the wife and am not feeling to good about the dealer coming back and saying a few days later after the visit that the motor was rebuilt upper side. It had a one year warranty, and had 50 hours on it. We asked if still under warranty he said no. We also asked to have our own mechanic check the motor out and they said yes. We do know one we trust and I think he charges $200. Why is a 2002 motor on the boat? Seems like that put a motor they had in the shop on a boat they hoped would sell. They have bad reviews for their mechanic shop online.

He said the owner of the company owned this boat and a dentist owned this boat. They are asking $17,995 for it.The seats have split upholstery. They are replacing all the hinges. The carpet looks okay. Please share thoughts about this boat and what questions to ask
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I don't know a whole lot about specific brands. I do know that boats require a lot of maintenance. A 2002 motor in a 2000 boat would tell me the original motor may have had a problem from the start or was not maintained. Since it's an outboard it's not a real concern.

If you were to purchase the boat.... what warranty would they offer you ?

Just off the top of my head.... that price sounds expensive. Have you checked around for similar boats and prices. The prices vary greatly from area to area.

Others will stop by that may be more familiar with the boat brand.

Came across this while looking around.... 17' or more foot Ranger Motor Boats for Sale
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Sounds like a lot of money for a boat of that age, wonder what happen to the org. motor? the split upholstery sounds like the boat set out in the weather a lot of its life, I don't blame U for being uneasy about the deal

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Check out this site.
Boat Values, Prices, Evaluations, Used Boat Price Guides - BUCValu
Look where it says free pricing in the middle of the page.
Price sounds high to me to for a 14 year old boat.
Check the floor for soft spots.
First thing I do when I buy a used boat with an outboard is have the carb's rebuilt, replace the water pump.
Pump goes out and the top end is toast in just a few min.
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The upholstery splits and 2002 engine on a 2000 boat are deal killers. Also, when dealers price their inventory it's always high. Offer them 2/3 of the asking price to start. ($12,000 in this case.)

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