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I have a 1969 Sterncraft boat with an inboard/outboard Mecruiser 160hp engine. The last time I put it in the water I had to pull it right back out because the engine conpartment was filling up with water it also over heated extremely quickly. I noticed that there are some broken places on the bellows from the outboard drive and a hole in the upper water hose (intake and outflow). Is it going to be more involved in repairing than just dropping the sterndrive and replacing the bellows and hoses? How can I tell if the u-joints and bearings need to be replaced? I dropped the sterndrive and noticed that the u-joints appear to be in good shape, but when i dropped the stern drive I noticed that there was not a gasket and when I loosened the bolts, water just poured out of the sterndrive. Where should I start to diagnosing and fixing my leak problem.

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The bellows hose is intended to keep water out.
it needs to be replaced at the first signs of fatigue.
The bearings on the shaft inside the bellows hose
are not sealed and will need to be replaced if
exposed to water. If you also have water in the drive
it is a major repair.
I would roll the whole thing down to your local shop
and get an estimate. You should expect that to be in the
area of 1200- 1500 dollars to get the drive and transom
plate repaired. Parts and labor.
Sorry its just to big a job and requires many special
tools to perform on your own.


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