Need help finding a part - 90 manual drive gearbox watertight


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Need help finding a part - 90 manual drive gearbox watertight

Hi there,

I'm toying the idea of trying to make my own pedal drive for my sit in kayak... its going to take some serious cutting into my kayak and a few different parts from a bike, 1 or 2 plastic propellers, some bearings and some alum tubing/angles. Would like to keep the whole thing under $100, most of the parts I should be able to get for free or at least fairly cheap, except the piece I need to find.

I need something to make a 90 turn in a manually powered rotating assembly, something like a gearbox (most gearboxes I've found are too expensive or bulky). I'm going to need either 2 or 4 depending on what I end up once I start doing some sketches, so I'd like to keep them to <$20 CAD. I've seen some flexible shafts that people use for this sort of purpose but I haven't been able to find any yet

Thanks folks!
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Welcome to the forums.

You are a little vague on what you are looking for.
If you've seen what you are looking for online.... post a link so we can see it.

I was looking around on Ebay. Gearbox prices are a lot more than you want to spend. You may need to look into buying directly from an Asian distributor like Alibaba.

I was poking around at Alibaba and came across this.... Waterbike right angle drive

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