1972 25 HP Johnson developed cough


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My old 25 hp Johnson developed a cough last fall. When running at an idle or wide open across the lake it will intermittently cough 1 to 3 times. I have changed the plugs, changed the gas, cleaned the filter and sprayed out the carb. Any ideas, any help would be appreciated. Thanks rd
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You are right to go to the carb.
depending on the year it could be an adjustment.
or just a simple cleaning.
What year is this motor?
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Reply on 25 HP cough problem

This Johnson is a 1972 25 hp. I took the carb. off, removed the slow speed needle and the cap over the main jet and sprayed out the carb throughly with carb cleaner. Reinstalled carb with a new gasket, started it up and it still coughs intermitently either at idle or running wide open. The problem started while out fishing after trolling at slow speed for a long time. Thanks for your reply any help appreciated. rd
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Good work. You may have to remove the high speed orifice
and clean it. A toothpick works well. You may have to make a special screwdriver to fit into the lower base to remove it. The fuel for the low speed is metered by the knob
on top. Try it at 1 and 1/2 turns out from VERY GENTLY
seated position. Do not break the tip off in the seat.
That should cure that nagging cough.
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One of the runs of NM-B I've just installed has a cut in its jacket, really a 1 inch long abrasion where the jacketing is severed in a line. The insulation of the conductors seems intact, as does ground. It looks like perhaps the roll of cable was rubbed.

So what do I do? Tape the damaged portion? Or replace the run with fresh cable?

Yours in annoyance,

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