Need for a macerator


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Need for a macerator

I'm purchasing a new boat (cruiser type boat - may make some longer trips hopefully but not a fishing boat where I intend to go anchor off continental shelf overnight kind of thing) and one of the decisions I need to make is whether to install a macerator. Told only time I would need it is if I intend to empty my holding tank overboard beyond 7 miles out in the ocean. Figuring it would be unlikely however you never know and in the scheme of an already expensive outlay it's relatively small.
Curious on some thoughts and opinions.
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I've always pumped out ashore even when I was beyond the limit for days. I didn't do enough blue water to make a pump out system worthwhile. When I lived aboard I would go a month between pump outs of the black water and even then the tank wasn't full. Of course it all depends on your tank size and the number of people but you don't generate much black water.

It's also better to not even have the ability to pump overboard if you get inspected. Then there can never be an accusation that you dumped when you shouldn't. Many boats have their pump out valve wired shut with a security seal to prove that they aren't dumping overboard.

If it's occasional use and short duration trips a cartridge portable toilet is easiest. You can walk off the boat carrying the cartridge and empty it into a toilet ashore or dumping station. But, if your boat already has a head and the tanks & piping for it then you might as well use it.

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