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i have a 28 ft scarab.twin 502's.went boating the other day.ran for 45 minutes just fine.shut motors off for 30 minutes.went to start again and one is locked up.crippled back on one motor.pulled motor.removed oil pan drain bolt.nothing but water at first , then milkshake.pulled heads.2 apparent bad spots.second cylinder forward from the distributor.both heads.cylinder walls look fine all around.100 hours on motor.non felpro gasket was used.had heads checked and came back ok.question:could the gasket be the only damage.if so , why did they fail.engine has never been overheated.
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It sounds like you dumped water in the exhaust manifold and then into the cyls when you shut the engine down. Then trying to compress the water you may have damaged the head gaskets. They could have failed on their own if they were not stainless steel. yes they will deteriorate quickly.
The water will get past the risers due to either poor internal or external flappers, following seas, or sweating.
The sweating we can rule out in this case because of the quantity of water and that there was no emulsification of the oil beforehand. If you did hydro lock the engine you should check for bent rods.. It happens.. even with just the starter.
hope that helps

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