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66 Johnson outboard, 100HP, electric shift. I messed with the distributor and now I cant get the thing in time. I followed the manual but the flywheel has NO timing mark on it. There is a dot on the casing around what seems to be the flywheel housing or casing. I was able to find the marks on the distributor and the distributor bracket but I swear the flywheel has no mark. The only thing that resembles a mark is a little squiggly thing right after some numbers. Whenever I turn the flywheel and see that marking line up with the marking and the water cover I put a wooden dowel in the # 1 plug and it seems to be top dead center. Then I align the distributor notch to the mark on the distributor bracket and put the rotor and cover on. It seems to be pointing to the #1 plug. What am I doing wrong? Can someone please guide me in the right direction, Please?
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You have gone too far back in time for me to be positive but i think it goes like this.
Align distributor gear notch with casing mark.
Align flywheel mark, not the logo on the ring gear,
to the notch at the adjusting arm bracket.
OR call Als Outboard service 310-391-2707
he is the only one i would trust for that info.

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