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Help! I need to find out what to do to winterized a 25hp Mercury outboard motor. How do I winterize it and store it for the winter. We are new boat owners and need help. How do you flush it out????????
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Hi cynttex1,
CorrosionX Marine a great product.......

Eliminate springtime woes by treating your boat, motors and equipment
with CorrosionX in the fall. Here's what you do:
• Sprav entire powerhead
• Spray all electrical connections, distributor cap
• Spray or wipe entire lower unit including propeller
• Spray lift mechanisin, linkage and levers
• Remove sparkpluns and spray into cylinder while turning motor over
• Spray starters, generators/alternators (inside if accessible)
• Spray entire engine/generator set
• Spray all accessories
• Spray valves, through-hulls
• Spray grounded points, electrical connections
• Spray zinc bars, terminals, circuit boards, ignition switches
The Boat
• Spray or wipe metal fixtures including all stainless, brass and aluminum; rails,
stanchions, towers and fittings
• Spray antenna bases, fuse panels, connectors, circuit bearers/breakers
• Spray hinges, hatches, latches and locks
• Spray sheaves, travelers, winches
• Spray and wipe port frames
• Spray head/galley faucets and fixtures
• Spray exhaust fans/blowers
• Spray steering cables
• Spray power trim actuators, fittings, electrical connections
• Spray battery terminals
• Spray light sockets, light clips and plugs
• Spray refrigerator and air conditioning systems

To order go to http://www.corrosionx-online.com or call 607-547-1940
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For a small outboard like yours it is pretty simple.

Assuming you are removing the engine from the boat and storing inside in a nice safe dry place.

1) drain all lower end oil and replace - remember to fill oil from the bottom drain hole..
2) If used in salt water put the engine in a garbage can or some other large container - if you have the hose adaptor obviously use that. Start the engine and let it run in the fresh water for a few minutes – unhock the gas supply then let run until it stalls. Even if it wasn’t used in salt-water, make sure you run all the gas out of the carburetor before storage, some carbs have convenient drains on the bottom of the bowl to remove any gas.
3) If the engine has quite a few good years of salt-water use on it since any major work you may consider removing the cylinder head and cleaning out any blockages in the cooling channels. This sounds harder than it is and will only require a new head gasket and a torque wrench to complete – definitely just a precaution but if there is corrosion the engine will eventually overheat, burnout the head gasket and stop working – usually at the most inconvenient time.
4) Remove the spark plugs, spray some engine storage spray in the cylinders and slowly pull the starter cord. Replace the old plugs for initial startup but ready a new set for next year.
5) Do a general inspection and lubrication of all relevant parts and areas.
6) Put it someplace that it won’t get knocked over and wait till spring.
7) Either dump the leftover fuel in another machine or treat with stabilizer. For an outboard I would suggest new fuel in the spring – not worth worrying about treating a few gallons and most tanks are plastic now so no need to worry about internal corrosion.

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