Explanation!! Kort Nozzle??


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Red face Explanation!! Kort Nozzle??

I live in MD and there are many Reservoir, and the fishing is pretty good. The only problem is no gas motors are premitted. So, the big electric motors have evolved. Golf Cart motors mounted on lower units of old regular gas motors worked. Most will get you to the top of the Lakes.

Some industrious people are building and selling these types of motors. They have put together Electric motors, 36 volt to 48 volt, 6 deep cycle batterys, geared up to push a 14ft or 16ft. boats right on up the lakes. These motors sell for around $5,000.00... This is where the question about the "Kort Nozzle" comes in . One manufactor offers this design. This large flat ring around the propeller. Would this really increase the efficiency??
I was hoping their might be some opinions out there..

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it seems to work on US Navy submarines....it makes sense if you think about how a "jet" pump works on a ski boat, water forced thru a nozzle, by altering the size of the nozzle you can gain either top end speed or low end acceleration.....the Kort device will channel most of the propelled water directly from the rear of the prop, rather than letting some of this "horsepower" escape around the sides of the prop where it does you no good.....I'm no engineer, but the principle sounds good.....
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Find the answer to your question here:


Found it using the search engine www.dogpile.com

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