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Opinions Wanted

Hello Scott and Forum Boating Enthusiasts.

Requesting your personal opinions, experiences and factual information regarding construction materials used for building boats in the small size category. Size category of boats 8 to 12 feet. A boat that will be used for fishing in both fresh and salt waters.

The intent is to compare all aspects of fiberglass, the newer plastic construction materials and aluminum construction.

Included are some, but not totally limited to, concerns for longevity, on the water safety & handling, maintenance and resale value, etc.

Any and all information you care to share will be welcome.

Regards and Thanks
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Tom, you cant beat fiberglass fro a sturdy all purpose
craft, its easy to lay up and lasts for years.
I dont know why you would want to try to build
one yourself though when there are so many decent
boats available for adoption.
Find one with a sturdy transom and little flex in her
sides. molded in seats are a treat.
any more?? scott
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Hi: Scott

Thanks for the reply, your opinions and thoughts too.

I do not intend to build this boat. I am planning to buy another smaller all purpose boat. The 26 foot "Stripper" does not FIT or FLOAT well in a lake...LOL...hahaha

The idea is to have a much smaller all purpose salt water bay and lake fishing boat. A craft that tows and stows easy.
Low maintance and light weight.

I was thinking a size category of 12 feet or so. Planning to tow it to the lake for fishing and fun at times and to the ocean for fishing and pleasure.

At the local boat show there were several manufacturers of boats in this size range. I was thinking of an aluminum boat.

Then I saw the Porta-Bote fold up 12 footer. Nifty idea. Of course I checked out the plastic tubs too.

Too many choices in this size range. Needed opinions.
Still do. Got any?

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I'm not sure where the "Shake & Bake State" is...
In south Louisiana, for saltwater, nothing beats fiberglass. Wood is beautiful but high maintenance. Aluminum is kind of rough on choppy water and is really used a lot here in fresh water. Eventually the salt water will take it's toll on aluminum.

There are a lot of fisherman here who use a "Terry" brand boat. I'm not sure if they are still made. They are about 14' with deep sides and a tri-hull. They are great fishing boats for bay fishing. I've seen these running with 20 to 70 Hp motors.

Let us know what you get.
Hi: Dan

The "Shake & Bake" state is California.

Thanks for your opinion and advice. Worthy for me to consider.
Except for the longivity factor on aluminum.

If salt water will take a toll on an aluminum boat, then so be it. The kids just won't have it to inherit....hahaha

Hey Scott.
Were are you? Lost at sea...or in cyber-space...LOL!

BTW: I have not yet replaced that deck wash pressure pump.
Have the new one and plan on installing it soon, I hope.


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Its my busy season, halibut derby and rockfish season
opener. Crappie just opened too i think.
that i just bought a new boat, 20 skipjack.
time to put the old starfire on the auction block.
We have a nice aluminum boat in the shop now
for sale. its about 14' with a four stroke 10hp
merc. elect, troller, clean and its only about 2g.
give us a call.
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I do not know if you have finished your boat research. But, I will add a couple quick comments. Aluminum boats with a welded hull rather than rivets will never have leaking rivets. As a hull flexs, the riveted boats I have been around begin to leak. If you do not require a pretty looking aluminum boat, I think a natural finish is the way to go. Scuffs and scatches will not stand out and there is less maintanence. The plastic/fiberglass boats that I like in that size range are heavy - inner and outer fiberglass shell with foam core.
Were you looking for a small boat with a console or planning to use tiller control. With tiller control, you might want an extended transom with a long shaft motor. This will help keep things drier if you are sitting in a place where a ferry boat with a large wake passes off your stern. Motor wells also perform the same function.
I do not know if the DIY forum is the right place to mention manufacture names, so I will stay silent on my prefered brands. I wanted to keep my post brief. But, one last thing: since you are going to periodically use the boat in salt water, look for marine grade materials. Not all aluminum is created equal and 316 stainless steel is step above 304 or 18-8.

Happy boating
Phil H
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Hi Tom...I'm not a boat expert, but I will add my experience with my 12' jon boat. It is aluminum, and is riveted. It is a cheap boat, but it has been abused, neglected at times, and still, after maybe 25 years, it does fine. The rivets do need tightening every few years as Phil H mentioned. It has been used on the gulf coast many years regularly and we use it in the river too. I have a trailer for it, but it's so light I usually strap it in the bed of my truck, throw the motor in, and go. There was even a period of time several years ago when some kids decided to flip it over and use it as a 4-wheeler ramp!! I'm proud of it, but if I could change anything, it would be the rivets. Maybe one day I'll weld them up. My .02.
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Thumbs up Thanks For Posting

Hello Forum Readers

I have read each and every post at least twice. I'd like to express my thanks to each and everyone for taking their time to express their views, opinions, thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for posting them. The information gathered will help myself and others in the deal make the correct selection.

I'll continue to monitor the topic for any further postings. Thus far, the information, number of replies and views on the subject has been excellent.......Thanks!

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Hello Forum Topic Readers

The selection process is completed and the choice was made. Based upon all the information gathered, the intended useage of the boat, the intent to share useage amongst several partners and several other factors, the Porta-Bote was selected and ordered.

Thus far we are awaiting it's arrival. 4-6 weeks shipping time. Will take it out for it's maiden voyage and post back my personal observations, expierences and test results. As will I for the others who will use it also.

Thanks to everyone who took their time to post replies on my topic. Greatly appreciated. Happy and safe boating to all.

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Hi Scott. I did not get around to replacing that pressure washer pump yet. My how time flies! Be down there at the harbor again soon and attempt to replace it. Yes. I said attempt as in may get side tracked fishing again...LOL! Oh Well!...

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