Over heating outboard


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Question Over heating outboard

I have a suzuki 25 hp outboard that is about 10 years old and rarely used. Last summer the last time I took it out, it overheated and stopped running. I don't remember seeing the water being pumped through the engine and expelled out the back. Does that mean that the water pump is bad? How easy is it to replace a water pump on an outboard motor? And where is it located? I have very little experience working on motors, but could probably figure it out. (I have taken the carborator apart and cleaned it out so it runs.) How expensive would or should it be if I took it in to have this work done?

Thanks in advance for all your help!


PS If anyone knows a web site that could aid me that would be great!
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If you can take the carb apart you can certainly tackle
a water pump. Its in the lower unit, so you split the
cases. Disconnecting the shift mechanism and getting
it reconnected and the driveshaft lined up are
the hard parts.
Get a service manual and ask if you need help.
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Hello: Dave

The fact that the engine wasn't pumping water thru the engine, as you stated, caused the engine to overheat. This simply means the pump either wasn't pumping {the pump parts are dried out etc.} or the cooling system is plugged up.

To correct this problem, you'll have to disassemble the lower end, as Scott mentioned, remove the pump and replace it with a new one.

A lack of water flow also means the entire cooling system may need to be inspected, cleared out and cleaned out to ensure there are no obstructions or restrictions. It's also possible and most likely, the thermostat could be seized in the closed position.

To successfully disassemble the lower end would require you to have the specific engine service manual and tools required to complete the task correctly the first time.

Failure to do the task right the first time would mean you get to do it all over again. Repeating the engine overheating a second time may mean the engine could be damaged beyond repair.

Water pumps and the lower end should be serviced once a year. Especially if the engine is used frequently. The engine must be flushed with fresh water after each useage, especially if used in salt water.

It's also an excellent idea to run the engine, with the flushing kit installed, periodically during none boating seasons. Water lubed parts should not be allowed to remain dried out for extended periods of time after initial useage.
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Very well said, thank you, and i hope all boaters are running
their engines periodically.
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