Boat Problems


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Boat Problems

hello, this is josh1. as you may have previously noticed by my screen name. i seem to have a small boat problem.. and you know what the problem is? I don't have a boat at all! I went to a store the other day to check out some differnet models and they are quite pricey! I find many of the boats to be way overpriced. If anyone knows of any good sites I can go to to find an affordable boat, please reply to this message. thanks a lot.... ~Josh
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A boat is a hole in the water in which you pour money.
Anything to do with b-o-a-t means $-$-$-$. It's just another expensive toy.
The best places to find bargains on boats are good friends who may be selling, estate sales, want ads and bargain trader magazines.
You need to do your homework first, and familiarize yourself with the prices on the type of boat and motor that you want, and look for those. Check with your bank. They should have a book on boat, motor and accessory values.
In some instances, the motor can cost more than the boat. Get a good marine mechanic to thoroughly check out the boat and motor prior to purchase, unless you know the seller very well.
Good LucK!
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josh1 , what do you consider pricey?the skys the limit when it comes to boats especially performance boats.if your looking for a very fast performance boat i just happen to have one for sale at a reasonable price.

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Hello: Josh

Looking for a boat? The question is as broad as the sky. Boats come in so many varieties it's mind boggling. Determining your intended useage is a good place to start. Once you know the answer to that question, you can narrow the seach down to a more reasonable selection.

Narrowing the seach down further is than by size, price and the fact that most first time boat buyers trade up. Fact is that almost all boat owners do not know exactly what they want and or need the first time.

Most boat owners start out with much smaller boats initially then they currently have at present. Therefore, do not think that the first boat purchased will be your only boat for years to come.

Chances are it will not be. Once you get "Hooked" into boating, you'll become just like thousands of other boaters and trade up to a totally different style and or type then you may want currently or ever dreamed of.

Start out with any generic used boat, if $$$ is a factor. Then trade up. You'll most likely trade up several times before you get the boat you think you'll like.

Most likely, similar to many of us, you'll never own the boat you really want because none of us knows what we really want and we all want BIGGER....haha...

By the way {BTW}
Boat is spelled B.O.A.T.
Which Means = Bail Out Another Thousand......
The larger they are, the more it costs to fix'em and maintain'em.
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Buying a boat

First of all where do you live? What type of boating are you going to do? Pleasure, fishing, lakes, offshore?? I started with a 19ft 115hp Merc
outboard on a trailer. The next year I sold that and got into a 24ft, 350/IO Merc. Next came a 27ft
with twin 305/IO Mercs. But that boat didn't have AC or a generator, so again up we go to a 34ft with twin 454 Crusader inboards with generator, AC, radar, loran, GPS,ect. Oh yeah don't forget the inflatable with outboard. Finally the 39ft with 3208 diesels, auto pilot, ect, ect, ect.
Throw in 2 Waverunner wetjets and thats boating.

First boat
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if equalizer is still for sale send me info and pics
where is boat
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Hi ricktire,
Welcome to the forums! I wanted to let you know that you replied to a thread that is more than 6 years old. The original poster is no longer active, so you probably won't get a response. (Besides, I'll bet he sold his boat by now!)

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