aluminum repair/ideas???


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aluminum repair/ideas???

i inheirited an old "no name" 16 foot flatbottom john boat. i am turning it into a duck hunting boat.

the previous owner yanked the benches out of it and left me with holes where the rivets do i replace/patch these? should i shoot new rivets in it? patch the holes? i will be putting new benches in it but more than likey not the same positions.

i have a crack in the nose of the bow...should i have it welded or patched?

i have a tiller steer 5 horse johnson, what kind of seating should i put back in it? i need it to be able to handle 2-200 pound plus guys, dog and gear...should i just put one bench in?

what about painting? i am going to camo it out, should i treat it first?

any other suggestions??? thanks in advance!
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If the vessel is worth the price to be paid for to have a professional welding shop make the chassis repairs, let them handle that task.

Done correctly, the patches will be dam near invisable if not totally invisable. This can be accomplished by welding a slightly larger patch inside and an exact fit outside.

Once the welding is completed, the outside patch, which is level with the existing siding, welded to the inner patch and around the ends, any raised welding is ground smooth and painted over.

Weld the cracked nose {Bow Section} while having the patches applied. Also have inside only patches applied were the new seats will be installed. Doing so strengthens the area to support more weight.

Painting should be done by properly preparing the surface according to the paint manufacturers instructions. The actual painting should not pose any problems. Since it will be camo'ed out.......Ducks won't see it anyway....LOL!

Regards, Safe Boating & Happy Hunting,
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