engine that smokes...


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engine that smokes...

1985 Evinrude
6.6 HP
2 Cycle Longshaft

I just bought a 14' starcraft with a 6.6 hp engine on it. The engine may be older than a 1985 though because although the seller told me that it was a 1985, it was painted which leads me to believe that it may be older. Anyway, it runs fine except for excessive smoke that constantly comes from the engine. It seems to go away somewhat when I put the engine in gear but smokes too much when it is in neutral. I'm hoping that maybe the guy that I bought it from mixed too much oil in with the gas (the ratio is 50:1) but this might not be the case. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks.
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I would drain the fuel tank, replace with new fuel with the correct mixture. Its not uncommon to see an overly rich oil mixture. This should help. After that, you may want to check the compression just to see what shape the motor is in.
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Alright, I'll try the new fuel mixture. But how do I check the compression?
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To check the compression, you need a compression checker. (bet you didn't see that one coming) Really, it's called that (compression gauge) and you can get one for under $20 at most auto parts stores. It's basically an air pressure guage with fittings or a rubber nozzle to go into the spark plug hole(s). You take out the spark plug, press the nozzle to the hole and hold the throttle wide open (to ensure max air flow to cylinder) and crank the engine over a few turns. The gauge's needle will stay at the highest pressure recorded. This value is the compression of the cylinder, specs for this value vary from engine to engine, but I would think anything less than 90 psi on that little engine would be bad. Maybe someone out there can tell you what the acceptable range is for your engine.
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Hi guys, the compressions could range from 75 to 90
but no more than 10 psi difference. That would indicate
a problem.

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