Honda sems to eat sparkplugs


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Honda sems to eat sparkplugs

A buddy of mine has a 1982 200E 3 wheeler.The bike runs great,doesn't smoke ,and has plenty of power.Problem is,occasionally it just quits running.When this happens,a new spark plug will work every time.THe old plug will not show any problems whatsoever.It just wont fire.When we go on rides at the deer lease,we just make it a point to carry a few new spare plugs for his.What might be causing it?I've had problems with a cdi coil on my before,and changing the spark plug wouldn't help.I had to wait untill the coil cooled off,before it would fire the plug.On this one,you can pull the plug,hook up spark plug wire ,no spark.Hook up new plug,good spark.Install plug,ride it untill the next time(could be 5 minutes,could be 2 weeks)Any Ideas?
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Did I stump all of you professionals out there ?
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Hello Texsparky!

Does the plug look black or oily when you remove it? The engine could possibly be running too rich due either to a carburator problem, or maybe low-compression, even exhaust restriction. If the plug looks white, maybe even pitted or galded, then you have a lean run problem. If you have this condition, I would not run it at all until you get it fixed. A lean condition could be caused by carb problems, a cracked intake boot from the cylinder to the carb, bad seal in the crankcase, etc...

The plug will most likely be the only clue you have to solve the problem. Have you tried another brand of plug? In my experience, the denso, and NGK plugs seem to be less tolerant of gas/oil fouling. I'm not sure, but I think the oil actually impregnates the ceramic insulator until the plug quits firing.

Let us know what you find!
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Thanks cheese.

The plugs ,I believe, have all been NGK.If anything
the plug may look a little black,but not oily.It's deer season again so it will probably start seeing more use.I'll suggest a different brand plug for it.I will post back and let you know the results.
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Thanks Marturo,
He had the carburator rebuilt yesterday,so hopefully all is well.Will find out tomorrow.

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