motorcycle cover


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motorcycle cover

i've got my bike in my garage where i do a good bit of wood-working. currently, i've got a cloth cover on it, then i throw a simple plastic drop cloth over it to try and keep the dust off -- doesn't work PERFECTLY, but it keeps the worst of the dust off. typically, i take this plastic drop off when i'm done working, but that's getting old. does anyone see any problems with condensation or anything like that if i leave this cover on constantly?? it does get pretty hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but i'm tired of yanking this thing off and putting it back on! thanks in advance for any help / info!!
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Hello arthropod98!

I don't see where condensation would cause any problem at all in a closed garage on a concrete floor. Unless the room has high humidity...coming up through the concrete, there shouldn't be enough to cause a problem. Most of the time condensation accumulates under a tarp or cover when it is outside on concrete or dirt/ground. The moisture from the ground evaporates, but gets trapped under the tarp.

My .02. ... Anyone else have an opinion on this?
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hey, cheese . . . appreciate the response!

don't think there's too much humidity in the garage, but it does get damn hot, and pretty stinkin' cold too.

this is my dream road glide i've got covered, and i want to make sure i'm not slowly hurting anything by leaving the bease covered.

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thanks, marturo!

i'll have to search, but the problem is i've got some very fine dust from the wood-working flying around, so i really need something that's gonna keep that out.
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thanks again, marturo!!

the plastic drop-cloth i've got on it right now is nowhere near being air-tight, so i'm not sure how much condesation will actually accumulate, but i'll be shopping for a better cover. kind of a pain having a workshop in your garage . . . especially when your bike is BLACK!! she's a big girl too (H-D Road Glide), so it should be interesting to find a cover that'll fit that monster fairing, but i'll find something!

thanks for the advice -- and enjoy the computers -- been doing it for years myself, and it's wearing thin!

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