snowmobile bogging


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snowmobile bogging

I'm fixing a 1993 SKI-DOO TUNDRA with a 269cc ROTAX engine with a coil and CDI.It is oil injected and has a MIKUNI carb. The problem is when the engine gets hot it will start to bog on take off but it will sit and idle no problem and no problem starting it. When the engine is cool it will run fine and won't bog at all.It has spark but I don't know if it is firing good when it gets hot could it be a bad coil? Here is a list of what I have already tried.
1 cleaned the carb
2 changed needle & seat
3 checked compression
4 float is good
5 exhaust is clear
6 changed spark plugs
7 cleaned air filter is clean
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Hello racer, I think I have been watching this Ski Doo problem in Small Engines. I don't have a lot of experience with these machines but I would be curious what the compression is on this engine.
Keep in mind that a bad coil can show itself many different ways. Once warm it can fire but not consistantly. Rolling it through checking fire is one thing, a plug firing on the money 80-120 times a SECOND is another.
I would be interested to know what a continuity (OHM) test shows on this coil.
One other thing, how long does it run from cold before it dies? Will it start at all at this point or does it have to cool off???............Mike
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The compression is 120psi so is that good? I changed the coil and it still does it. The engine runs fine when it is cold and when it gets hot and bogs it doesn't die at all. If you let off the throttle it will keep going or if you pump the throttle it will quit bogging and will take off again. It usually does it when the engine has to work harder but once you get it moving it will work fine. If I pump the throttle realy quick for about 4 or 5 pumps it will just sit there and bog with blue smoke coming from the exhaust but like I said if I pump the throttle it will pick up again and take off. Any help would be appreciated because I have been trying everything to get this thing to quit bogging!!!!!!!!!!
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I think I may have found the problem when it quit on me today there was no fire so I checked the connetion from the cdi and the coil and I found a broken wire. So I spliced it back together and give it a pull and away it went. Could this have been the problem all along? Would you reply Mike and tell me what you think?

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