Yamaha Virago 500cc repairs.


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Yamaha Virago 500cc repairs.

Well after not being on a bike for 20 years I was at a friends garage sale and he was selling an 83 Virago, I picked it up for $150. The rub is it has been sitting for about 2-3 years. It will need a new battery, carbs cleaned ,fluid changes etc.Now I am a farly handy guy, I can fyx small engines but have never worked on a motorcycle before and know NOTHING about their carbs. I figure I'll treat it like an over sized lawnmower until I get more info. Any good how-to links on something like this? Or books?
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Just be sure to:
Clean the main and pilot jets well (but don't use a drill bit or anything that will remove brass and alter flow rates; a little makes a big difference). You should be able to see a clean circle of light when you look through them. Pilot jets are bound to be completely plugged, it may be easier to replace them.

Don't soak the carb in one of those vats of cleaner, it will damage all rubber parts.

Remove the nozzles (needle jets) and clean them. These are the little "pipes" that the main jets screw into.

I think that this bike has CV carbs, so the slides will be attached to a rubber diaphragm at the top. Be careful with these, you usually can't buy them without the slides and they're very expensive.

Blow all the passages out with compressed air or aerosol carb cleaner before you reassemble the carbs.

When you remove the low speed mixture screws, note how far out they are from the lightly bottomed position and put them back to the same setting when you reassemble them.

If the bike won't idle or won't run without the choke on, you've missed something.

Good luck!

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