Go Cart Builing


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Question Go Cart Builing

Does anyone know how to build a go-cart out of a lawn mower engine and a shopping cart?? HELP
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Ha....if you are for real...the hardest part would be getting the power to the ground, a vertical shaft is not ideal for this, which is why you almost always see horizontal shafts on go carts. The second hardest would be the steering.

You would need access to a welder, and preferably a torch or a reciprocating saw.

The hard, solid wheels aren't going to provide enough traction to be safe, so different wheels and hubs would need to be added.

It would be allot of work to get this going well enough to be any fun, you may be better off finding a used go-kart and going from there.

If you are doing this for other reasons, you would need something similar to a rear end in a car, but much smaller, and a centrifugal clutch.
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i know of someone who did that. they had a horizontal engine though. they built a frame and used the shopping cart as a protection cage i guess. they had a live rear axle in it too. it was pretty neat. let me know how it turns out
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If your using a push mower type (vertical shaft) then you will need a transmission (gear box) from a riding mower. Old riding mowers are sitting all over the place just waiting to be hauled off, alot of good parts can be salvaged from a free rider.

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