1984 honda 3 wheeler

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1984 honda 3 wheeler

I have a 84 honda 125 atc 3 wheeler that i bought new in 84. I have never had any problems with it untill yesterday. I started it up and got into 3rd gear in the high range and heard this grinding sound out of the transmission, it threw the chain and was stuck in gear,I had to take apart the trans to get the thing un stuck and put the chain back on. now it makes the grinding sound all the time and when I get into 3rd gear it sounds like it is going to explode. It has an electric start and no revers. What caused this and is there anything I can do with it or do I need a new trans. I am kind of attached to it and want to fix it, for I have had it quite some time and want to keep it.
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To all you dedicated moderators in the motorcycle,atv &go cart thread

I have to say that you moderators in this thread are useless.... I have been back and forth on this site looking for an answer on my problem and nodda, nothing, you guys are useless. On any other page the answer was there within hours and not days. I have seen threads on this page that have gone unanswered for days not to mention my question. I have one question that I know will not get answered but here goes, Why did you sign up for this if you are not going to do what you signed up for? This really disgust's me and you can be certain that I will not endorse this site to anyone..... Anybody that agrees with me reply to this and speak out and maybe some thing will get done......
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You are wrong.
The Moderators here are all volunteers.
It's only been two days since your atv question. Maybe the expert atv mod is on vacation somewhere for a week atv-ing.
You need to have a bit more patience.
All your other questions have been answered in very short order.

ps: time for a new transmission install, or upgrade to a bigger machine. I retired my '85 125 in '95 in favor of a 300 4x4. Thinkin of even going "bigger'.

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Hello: imated

I fully agree with the reply posted by fewalt. His explaination is very correct.

It is also correct that Mike is the moderator in this forum topic. Being the moderator does not indicate he is an expert on all vehicles in the forum nor should it be assumed that he is.

Nor should it be assumed that Mike is required to reply to every question. The same applies to all forums and all moderators. Each specializes in their own trades and or areas of expertise.

Mike is the moderator to help out in the forum topic on the questions he can reply to and also to moderator what happens within the forum as well. I.E. he moderates the forum.

If you are unhappy with anything in this forum or on this web site, kindly send me a PM {Personal Message} and we will discuss it in private.

To send me a PM, click the PM icon below.

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I have to agree with the others. You are being unfair and really on the wrong track to get assistance from anyone here. I have used this site to gain information on various items and have always been pleased with the results.
I understand the moderators aren't paid, but do this as they can, when they can and to the level they can. If you look through any thread most are answered by someone other than the moderator, as you have done in the past. If the moderator sees and error or can add to the information, than he/she does. If not, they let it go. They do not claim to know everything, have the answer every time or even be correct 100% of the time. They are just here to try to help, when they can.
These people provide a valuable service and the only satisfaction they get is knowing they have helped someone. You, yourself have volunteered to be a moderator, because you know this is reward enough.
In your broadcasting your negitive feelings, without having any idea of what may be going on in the moderators life at this particular time shows a lack of understanding, consideration and is just plain rude.
My hat goes off to those who take the time out of their day, to offer free advice to those in need!!!

P.S. This is the point, where you, as an adult, write an apology to the moderators.
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No, I think not on the apology, There are 15 threads on this site and 9 of them have gone unanswered. The longest one is from 9/12/03, come on now where is the logic in saying that I am unfair. What about that guy maybe he isnt outspoken or even gives a crap, but I say what I think, if you cant handle it then oh well. The last time I looked it was still america, and I as an american can speak what I think... Yes it is true that I have applied for moderator in the woodworking site but you can be fairly certain that I would not go as long as that to render a response. If the moderator is on vacation then someone should say so and not let us so called unfair and RUDE people jump to conclusions. I have been on dozens of these sites and asked and answered questions, and never did I see this. Oh and by the way the only one of you that answered my question was fewalt and I do appreciate the responce and will take the advice.
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Thumbs down Forums Admin Note

You have made your point very clear. No further discussion on that matter is needed.

Note to all members:
Lets get back onto the original topic and stay on topic.

If there is any member whom can offer helpful advice and or assistance to imated kindly do so.

I would also greatly appreciate from all parties any displeasures on this web site not be discussed any in view of the public within the forums.

If this topic continues to gather posts on matters not associated with the intent of the forum topic or pertaining to the originally asked question in this thread, the thread will be shut down and moved out of the publics view.

Doing that will deprive everyone of the solution to the originally asked question. Shutting the topic down, moving it out of sight and or totally deleting it, is something I would prefer not to have to do.

Sharp Advice

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Your transmission is going out.
Had this happen on my atc 250r except it was second gear.

Search ebay for parts motor.
Most of them have a good trans usually the motors just burned up.

While your at it you might go ahead and rebuild it.
Kits are semi cheap.

I always rebuild atleast on bike a year your prob looking at around 300-600 bucks depending on what you go with.

My atc 200s is more like your 125 I think total rebuild was around 375.00
You may come out cheaper.
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1984 Honda 3 wheeler

I am currently rebuilding the same year and model. If you have already opened the transmission once your fix might not be that tough or expensive. You can buy the separate gears here http://www.cyclepartsnation.com/page...s/default.aspx
I would suggest getting the manual for your 3 wheeler if you don't already have it. The trannies are fairly simple and sounds like you just need one or two gears. Depends on whats broken. The separate gears run about $35. If you need one of the drive shafts it gets more expensive.
Good luck.
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