Pedal Car


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Pedal Car

It's pretty cold here, but I'm planning for next summer, or maybe for a gift next xmas, to build a pedal car for my niece. I plan on building it out of aluminum for weight savings, and using a bicycle sprocket welded to the rear axles for the pedal power. I think this should work well, but I can't figure out how to make the front suspension give the car the ability to steer instead of just going straight forward.

My niece is only 5, so it doesn't have to have shocks and the ability to go super fast, but I want it to ride well, and I may add some nicer options to it later for her.

Can someone draw a quick diagram, or refer me to something that could explain how to make a simple steering wheel operated front suspension?

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Hm,go to the dump or something and steal another pedal cart's steering linkage. It's pretty basic. I have the picture in my head but I can't draw it.
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Look at an older yard cart/go cart. They have the simplest steering, yet they hold up well. It's just a tab coming off the steering column. The tab has a hole in it. A link goes from the hole in the tab to the left or right wheel, and another link goes from that wheel to the other wheel.
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Pedal Car

I recently built a pedal car for grandson, made from scratch, could'nt find plans. Steering is rack and pinion. I welded a number of short rods the link bar to mesh with eight tooth gear from old tricycle. works great full turn of steering wheel goes full lock to lock. I now have to build another and would appreciate of anyone could assist me with a set of plans. Cheers Neil

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