Motorcycle engine - keep it or scrap it?


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Motorcycle engine - keep it or scrap it?

I have a '80 Honda 750 Custom sitting in my Morton building gathering dust. I'm thinking about just having someone come take it off my hands but part of me would like to pull the motor and try making some sort of go kart or other funmobile. It hasn't been started in a few years so I'm not even sure it'll fire now. For those of you with experience in this sort of thing, is it worth fooling with or should I just be rid of the thing? I wouldn't have the first clue where to go for kart parts etc. but it seems like it could be fun to try.
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why not sell it on ebay someone might need it for parts and you get rid of it and someone gets the needed parts
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Wow! A 750 would be suicide on a go-cart. Maybe a sand rail or something like that would be better with an engine that size.
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Too much speed? I didn't think there was such a thing! You gotta admit, if I could get it to hook up, it'd really flatten your eyeballs.

What's a 'sand rail'?

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i'd build a mini sand rail.
Or something along those lines.

I had a friend who put a 650 on one of those gokarts like you rent at the beach.

The frame was heavy duty and it would flat out fly.

It wasn't very hard to do just took a fair amount of time and a few hundered bucks.

I have a atc 200e motor on a gokart frame. I desided on a atc motor due to the auto clutch.
less stuff to hook up.
+ atc shift patterns are all up or down depending on the model.

Makes building a shifter more simple.
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Cool! I just Googled for sand rail and now I see what you're talking about. I can just see my wife shaking her head with that smirk every married man has seen if I build one. Any particular parts place better than another in your opinion?
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well the main thing is you want a strong frame.
Also a roll bar sence it's gona be a bad boy kart.

I like these plans

Plus there free. I used these and modded the frame to fit my needs.

You need a cheapo pipe bender from northern tool

The first buggy I built I didn't have a welder so I had to rent one.
It cost me around 50-75 bucks to rent a welder for a weekend.

Total build of the frame took a couple days and a few buddies and a couple six packs.

Another + to these plans is that it has 2 seats so you can flop the wife into it so it will cut down on on the wife head shaking.

a butterfly stearing wheel will give you the option of attaching the clutch lever to it to keep from haing a ton of foot levers.

This frame should be heavy enough to keep the ft end down most of the time.
When your digging up a hill it might want to pop up some.

Heres how you fix it.
Drill a hole around a half inch into the ft of the tubing in the frame.

use a metal funnel to pour some lead into it.
Lead is easy to find around here due to alot of hunters casting the own lead balls for there blackpowder rifles.
lead can usually be bought in brick size blocks.

I've also seen a setup with a platform on the ft of the buddy that holds 4-6 lead bricks. This stops you from trying to fill the ft end with lead but isn't as attractive.

Another thing you might add in is a car batt. instead of a bike battery due to it rally bites to run out of starting juice in the woods.
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Thanks for the link. I've got a Lincoln MIG so I'd just have to get the bender. Now if I can just find time to work on it. Ain't it a pain when work interferes with your fun time!

I have to admit that the wife's head-shaking is good natured. My brother-in-law races and we spend every weekend during the summer pitting with him. I've been toying with buying/building an IMCA Mod and she's already told me to go for it if I want to. Every guy should be so lucky, huh.
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on another note the excel rack can be replaced with a mustang rack if theres not any excel parts around your area.

ect ect

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