87 Kawasaki Mojave ?


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87 Kawasaki Mojave ?

I have a 87 Kawasaki Mojave 250 that just doesn't want to idle. This 4 wheeler just sits in the garage and maybe gets started twice a year? I know not good! I have taken the carb off and cleaned it good but this thing still doesn't want to idle. Someone told me that the valves get tight on these and that's the problem but this thing has not been running. How can the valve be tight? Thanks for any help!
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I guess carb problems.

Just a small speck of dirt or something being worn just a small amount can cause problems like you say your having.

On my ATC and my DR if they sit over winter or just don't get started they usually have problems when they do get started.

As a rule of thumb on the ATC it sits most of the time so the carb gets a gas build up (sort of like a film)
when you put in new cas this film breaks up and goes everywhere.
Will clog jets and stick floats. Then just when you think it's clean it does it again.

Look around localy for some carb cleaner (the kind you dip the carb in)

Sit down and take a few hours and clean it up real nice then put in a rebuild kit.

Make sure your air screw is 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 turns out.
It should idle. Make sure when you set the air screw to play with the idle screw sence you have messed with it already.

I've also streched cables b4 to where the machine won't idle at all.
Usually a machine that won't idle isn't to unsafe as long as it has a manual clutch.
On my ATC 200s it has a auto clutch so the machine must idle or it becomes unsafe.
My DR200 has had carb problems for almost a year
(idles when it wants to) It's not to big of deal due to the manual clutch + I like to rev my bike. lol

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