1972 Polaris Colt 250


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1972 Polaris Colt 250

Who would have thought that my old Polaris would make the climb yesterday from 1500' to the top of Granite Mountain, elevation 7400' without a jet change!!!

Several of us went up and my brother rode the old girl about 35km from my house to the top of the mountain.

It was a beautiful day!

<img src=http://discuss-bc.ca/download.php?id=22>
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Hello: Dennis

Congrats on the "Big Climb."

Good Picture too.

250cc 1972 year. Must have altitude compensating carbs?

Bet the ride down was fun too...
Adds meaning to the saying...it's all down hill from here....

Sharp Advice
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Sharp..it is a single carb Mikuni, no altitude compensator...I couldn't believe it! It was pretty fat when we got up top, but it still did the job...

We didn't have the correct jets with us for that carb, so we just went with it.

Here is a new project we hope to have up on the mountain in two weeks!!

<img src=http://discuss-bc.ca/download.php?id=24>
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Hey Dennis... COOL!

Looks like fun. I enjoy making stuff like that, but I don't have the time to do it as much as I'd like. Right now I'm trying to gather up the needed parts to build a 1000lb capacity forklift out of a lawn and garden tractor. (with hydraulic lift, tilt, transmission, and steering). We just finished a killer go-kart in december. (for my friends' son).
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Cheese, yeah projects like that are fun! I don't have alot of time to work on them, but my two buddies do, so they spend the day working on them and I help when I can...usually after work and at lunch.

Our next project is going to be building my barn for my horse...lol...and my fence...
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Here is a shot of the test run..we need to get some more track speed, but it sure is fun!!

<img src=http://discuss-bc.ca/download.php?id=25>

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