Gas Leak on Mini


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Gas Leak on Mini

Just bought my son an old Yamaha good condition....but when you turn the gas valve to "on" it leaks (steady flow) from the overflow tube, when you turn it to "res" it does same.
It's been a "few summers" since I have ridden and worked on my own bike.....any ideas what this might be and how to fix it? My son reallys wants to ride it around, but I won't let him on til I fix it.
Got the helmet and gear, just can't ride.
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It sounds like a carb issue, the needle is probably stuck...pull the carb...drain the old fuel, and clean it all up...don't forget to drain the fuel out of the tank...what kind of carb is on that bike? Prolly a chances are you have a float in there...make sure to clean the float bowl all out as well.

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