Pow-pow-power wheels


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Pow-pow-power wheels

My little brother (3 yrs) has a Lil' Kawasaki. It was a bargain toy for the kids to tool around with.

Anyway, the battery was dead and I wanted them to play with it, so I jerry rigged a trickle charger out of a 9V DC phone transformer. These are the 6V models.

So, while I waited for the thing to charge up I wondered what my 18V DeWalt drill battery would do. I got the polarity right and pushed the button and it seemed to have some power but I coulnd't test it with a load because it was 2Am and everyone was sleeping.

Next day, I put my bro on the thing and let him rip out in the backyard. (3 yr old, 40 or 50 pounds probably) The kid pulled a wheelie the first three times he pushed the button. I tell you, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. He fell off for the first and rode out the other two. He's a big kid and the ground is soft so it didn't phase him. In fact he wanted to ride it more.

After about 20 minutes (the first battery) I explained turning to him and he tooled around the yard continuously for the other 5 batteries. The thing moves faster than any riding lawn mower I've ever been on, and when I compare it to the demo of the "performance series" Power Wheels scooter they have, this thing seems a bit faster (which I am amazed considering it is rated at 7 mph).

When I put the younger boys on it I have to run with them and help them steer because it would be too dangerous otherwise. It probably goes about jogging pace.

So now I put a Sealed Lead Acid 12 Volt battery with a 8 AH rating (want the thing to last). They are about $14 so they aren't a big deal and they fit the very tiny frame of the Lil' Kawasaki. I'm thinking of putting the 6V 4AH battery that was part of the product in series to get a nominal voltage of 18V. (wheelie power).

Now I'm looking for ways to boost it even more. Possibly making the drive wheels bigger or getting better traction off the back wheels. More than likely I'm burning up the motor but he's been playing with it for a few days. Anyway, it's cheap and fun to tinker with.

The rating on the dewalt battery is something like 2AH so it drains in 20 minutes or so of continuous use (but with 6 batteries and a 1 hour charge, I don't really have any problems.)

More specifically to your question, the standard manual doesn't have any detailed information. The only one that would is the manual for the techs who do the recall work, and they probably won't give it to you. Besides, don't waste your time with a wiring diagram. The things are incredibly simple. Hook power up from battery, plus and minus cables, hook the plus up through the switch (Pedal, push button, etc) and hook it up to the motor. Done. (I think the bigger models are 2 6volt parallel ciruits?) I think the 6V has a 25 Amp in-line fuse too, but I doubt it will ever pop. If the other models are more complicated, I really don't see how. You should be able to intuitivly work your way through it.

If anyone else has had any experience with souping up a power wheels I'd love to hear about it. (So Post!)
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Huber Soup up your Powerwheels faster HuberBlog

I did a similar change to my daughters powerwheels. It is a smaller model (6V) so I purchased another battery of the same kind and hooked them in a series. I detailed the changes at my blog:


It was really simple and I added the benefit of being able to disconnect one or both batteries for charging. That way I can use the existing charger. I should really post some photos, but as you stated it is rather easy for people who frequent this forum to be able to upgrade their powerwheels.

I havent had any problems with the batteries, motor or gearbox. I am going to work on some better tread as of right now she simply spins out constantly and it takes litterally a second or two for the traction to get going. Top speed is 4.7 MPH measured by GPS. Previously it was 2.2 or so.

Jason Huber
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what you should do is put like a 3.5 b/s on there and just a belt back to a solid rear axle (straight pipe with a pulley on it). govern it down so the kid doesnt get hurt. it would require a pull start nut that isnt that hard to pull start.for tires, take the fron tires off a lawn tractor, and use them, they are a little bit heavier then the power wheels tires though. with the tires it has on it now it would probably do some good burnouts on the wett cement.
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Heck yeah I have made some mods to my kids powerwheels. I made a whole site about it and now it has really got some hits.

There are guys on there doing much more than I ever did though. If you are looking to mod your powerwheels or peg perego etc click on http://www.modifiedpowerwheels.com

I dont sell anything - it is just videos of mods and forums to ask questions etc.
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