harley pipes and carb


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harley pipes and carb

we just got a 2003 883XL. we hate the pipes, they are to quiet. we are putting 1 3/4 " drag pipes on with no baffle. the carb is stock. how do we rejet the carb? our other bike was done by the harley shop, but we just can't afford that right now. help!!
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Most jets are of the screw in type, using a flat screwdriver you can remove them. Of coarse this means a disassembly of the carbs. Be sure to get a rebuild kit from your Harley dealer before you disassemble the carbs. The Jets are usually made of brass and are easy to find once you have got the carbs apart. Good luck.
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I agree with crazycanuski, in addition go to the Harley dealership, bite the bullet and buy a genuine shop manual, youll use it for years, and the pictures are right on, also [ if you havn't all ready installed the pipes ] jet the carb at the same time you don't want to put those pipes on and wait to jet the carb as real damage can happen !

lol steve
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Talking Reading The Spark Plugs

I use two things when re jetting and adjusting carburetors. One is a flowmanometer which gets too detailed here and the other is reading spark plugs. Start with factory jetting. Bring up to operating temperature. Before stopping, run as fast as you can safetly and shut it down. check color of plugs. black means too rich and white means too lean. brown is the ideal burn your trying to achieve.

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