Throttle and Vertical Shaft Clutch


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Throttle and Vertical Shaft Clutch

Yesterday I got out some 11hp B&S I was working on a while ago and never did anything with it,and tossed it on my old Murray tractor. It had an 11hp on there,but it blew up,I dont know the story. Connected the drive belt only,dropped the mower deck,dragged it away,took off the big buckets in the back that catch all the grass and the tubes and whatnot with it,then the seat,steerwheel everything. Then unbolted the body,and now it's just the frame and the motor on it,it looks great. Fired up the old 11hp,started right up first pull. The carb's throttle is VERY loose,it jumps up and down just by the engine vibration,what could fix this? And since I took off about 50-75 pounds off of the tractor,I know it will go much faster than it did,and it's belt driven. Is it possible to get a clutch,put it on the bottom of the drive shaft,then put a sprocket on the rear end and make it chain driven? Thanks alot
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boreem bike/the engine dies when i pull back on throttle

my boreem engine shuts off when i pull back on the throttle and how do how to adjust the idle adjuster and aome other there i think it is for the gas

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